Triumph Trident 660 2022 2023 Healtech Gear Indicator GIPRO ATRE


GIPro ATRE G2 Gear Indicator Instant and accurate indication of the selected gear for added control and safety. The sampling period can be adjusted to make the response quicker or slower, depending on shift speed and signal conditions. All settings can be done via the touch sensor so there’s no opening on the housing, it is completely sealed and encapsulated in epoxy. The touch sensitive area is on the TOP of the unit. However, after programming, the unit can be mounted even with the top side stuck to the dashboard (via the sticky pads supplied) and will still work properly. It can also be used along with the optional GIpro Mount without any interference. Plug ‘n Go wiring harness, easy to mount display. Complete installation can be done within 30 minutes on most motorcycles. Extra.

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