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Get in touch with us if you are experiencing a technical issue or have any other feedback


When you purchase an item on our platform, you are fully covered by our buyer protection policy. All payments are handled by industry leading payment services provider Stripe. This means you can shop securely. If you have any issues get in touch with us.

Have you checked your package’s tracking details and tried contacting the seller directly?

Items can take up to 5 days (from day of postage) to arrive depending on the delivery service used. If you are unable to resolve the issue with the seller directly get in touch with us (don’t forget your order number!)

You should contact the seller to process a refund from their FLUF account. You can contact us if you are unable to reach the seller in a reasonable amount of time.

For us to process the refund on behalf of the seller, you must be able to show that:

1) You bought the item on FLUF, and

2) The item has either not arrived in 7 days, is materially different from as described or is a counterfeit.

Ahead of being refunded, you must return the item with tracked delivery to the seller.

Read more about our refund and dispute policy.


Once you are logged in, head to your Dashboard >> click settings from the menu >> click on payments >> click add payment method and then follow the steps. For mobile users simply refer to the video below.


Have you marked your order as complete in the Orders section of your Dashboard?

Once the order is marked as complete, your funds will be sent to your connected bank account within 7 days. Please contact us if you are having any issues with your payments.

Once you are logged in, navigate to your Dashboard >> click settings from the menu >> click on shipping >> and you can configure your shipping settings for the regions you would like to ship to.

Once you are logged in, head to your Dashboard >> click settings from the menu >> click on orders received >> click on the order you would like to refund >> scroll down on your order item and click on the issue refund button.

When you are logged in and on a product’s page, edit and delete buttons will be visible beneath the product description. 

Alternatively you can select My Products in your navigation menu to access all of your store’s products. 

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