Seller Spotlight – Swannycollective’s secrets to success

Every once in a while we come across an exceptional store. They not only go the extra mile with sourcing every item, taking every photo and crafting every product description, but they also care about the wider impact of what they are doing. Swannycollective is an example of one of those stores. They were kind enough to share some insight into the way they work, so keep reading to find out why they are successful at what they do.

For them, a large part of getting into vintage clothing was about individuality, sustainability and longevity. Swannycollective was founded by two brothers with the shared belief that they are more a group rather than a store. Each item they source brings people into their group – whether it is distributors, suppliers or customers.

“I think as humans we always feel like we want to belong and this was the same reason my brother and I started Swannycollective, we wanted to be around people that liked clothes as much as we do.”

Swannycollective handpicks every item of clothing they sell taking great pride in the process. This way they ensure superior stock quality and get the “cream of the crop” for their customers. By following this handpicking process every item they sell is unique. It is very difficult (if not close to impossible) to come across the same piece of clothing twice. Every item has its own unique story, adding to the customer thrill in purchasing these 1 of 1 pieces of clothing.

Sometimes it may seem tempting to contribute to the rapidly growing pandemic which is Fast Fashion Culture. However, Swannycollective believes in trying to be part of the solution rather than the problem. Instead of churning the cogs of the Fast Fashion machine, they search and dig for the golden nuggets that are already in circulation.

“It sounds cliche but we all only get one planet, in times gone by we would have worked with the land to yield what we needed. I think the longevity of this planet should cross everyone’s mind from time to time, we all need a little accountability in life. If you switch to buying vintage and second-hand clothing, that is the easiest way to be accountable and make that 1% difference which compounds over time”

The future of the fashion industry is changing with the apparel, footwear, and accessories resale market growing more than three times since 2020 according to a recent BCG study. This shift happens with seemingly small everyday decisions, so take a leaf out of Swannycollective’s book and be part of the future of fashion.

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