Refund Policy & Disputes

Disputes with other users relating to a Sale Transaction


1. General

    • If you use FLUF Payments via Stripe to pay for a Sale Item or receive any money for a Sale Transaction you may be eligible for Buyer or Seller Protection, details of which are available below.
    • All purchases/sales made outside of FLUF are against our Terms of Service and are not covered by Buyer or Seller Protection.
    • If: a) as a buyer your Sales Item has not arrived, or if what you received is significantly not as described or faulty, or b) as a seller you are sent an unauthorised payment, or a buyer claims they didn’t receive their Sale Item, you can report the issue to us within 2 days of receipt of delivery for instance a) and 2 days of purchase for instance b) and we will reply to you with instructions on how to proceed. Please make sure you report the issue as set out in paragraph 8 below in order to guarantee a prompt reply.
    • Please know that in regards to any kind of buyer or seller protection, we can only accept tracking codes as valid proof of delivery (a tracking code that can be verified online – this does not include Royal Mail reference numbers unless this records actual delivery), and that the cost of returning the Sales Item cannot be refunded.

2. FLUF Payments via Stripe – FLUF Buyer and Seller Protection:

    • In order to be eligible for FLUF Buyer or Seller Protection, you must: a) purchase/sell the Sale Item with our service using FLUF Payments via Stripe, and b) report the transaction issue to FLUF within 2 days from the date of receipt/purchase. FLUF Buyer or Seller Protection applies only if these conditions are met.
    • FLUF Buyer Protection & Refund Process
      • To qualify for FLUF Buyer Protection, you must be able to prove that a) you bought the Sale Item with FLUF Payments via Stripe, and b) the Sale Item did not arrive OR was materially and significantly different to the description thereof OR the Sale Item was counterfeit. If we find that the above criteria is fulfilled, subject to you returning the Sale Item where requested (tracked delivery), you will receive a full refund of the Sale Item from the Seller.
    • FLUF Seller Protection
      • To qualify for FLUF Seller Protection, you must be able to prove that a) you sold the Sale Item via FLUF Payments via Stripe, b) you dispatched the order to the address provided on the FLUF receipt within 7 days of the order (or any timeframe set out in the description for the Sale Item in question if different), c) you responded to any FLUF emails relating to such Sale Item within the requested period and d) the Sale Item materially and significantly conformed to the description thereof in your shop. As a Seller, non-material goods, prohibited items and meet-in-person transactions are not covered by FLUF Seller Protection.
    • Where Buyer and Seller cannot agree resolution, FLUF will try to mediate a resolution between you and the Buyer. If we find that the Buyer was correct in that the Sale Item was not as described or was not delivered, subject to the Buyer returning the item to you, you agree to refund the full sale price of the Sale Item and where you fail to do so, you hereby give FLUF permission to do so on your behalf.
    • If a chargeback is raised against you as Seller, FLUF will ask you to provide evidence of shipping and that the Sale Item was as described in the original listing, within 3 calendar days. If you do not respond within the timeframe and/or we believe the Buyer to have validly initiated the chargeback, we will activate a refund for the Buyer of the value of the Sale Item in question and a 15 GBP chargeback fine will be deducted from your FLUF Payment account. If Buyers are making regular chargebacks from you as a Seller, then we may investigate your account and your compliance with these terms of service. This may result in suspension of your account.
    • Should you decide to appeal any decision FLUF has made under this section of the terms, then please contact us. Be aware that we will only consider appeals where you can supply new evidence to support your case.